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This guy is like the mail man of bigfooting. Look what he finds. Cogs: Some say "All You Need Is One". YaY! It's week three of our Scrappy Project Planner Sew Along It's just amazing what you can make with just a cute little pile of happy scraps. it really is scrappy happy right? #PatchworkTulipQuilt P. Please use this post for discussion about the Gosselins that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere.

I am looking at Mother's Day designs this week and today we start with Clinton cards who have some nice designs in their stores and online.

Look out for their more trend driven ranges such as a la mode and a lovely selection for children. The information released said two boaters had gone missing along Denton Creek on Monday. Today, as the search resumed, it is now known that one of those missing was a toddler. Shortly after the search for the missing resumed this morning, just above Lake Grapevine, the Texas Game Warden reported that one of the missing was a child and that the toddler had been found alive, wandering in the woods. There were also personal items, including a cell phone, inside the boat. Police and firefighters from Trophy Club, Roanoke and Flower Mound are assisting with the search. I used my Lift Me Up bundle to make lots of Valentines this year. This photo is extra large so you can see the amazing project our guest designer, Aurora has for you today. This is a fabric bookmark using the digi stamp, Book Time. Aurora said she transferred the image to fabric using Mod Podge. Just two more days until our Blog Hop and ADFD Blog challenge finale. Bill Ballentine. From Roy Wells. with instructions from my father to be back in time for Afternoon Elephant Practice! Wanda Moore, Bride & Groom, my Mother, Shirley and Charlie Rex. 'Dump the Trump, Dump the TPPA'. Strange bedfellows. Guess they hadn't heard. Would be funny if it wasn't so sad. It is rationally constructed and technically excellent where the traditional three criteria of mobility, firepower and protection are concerned, but it was also plagued by drawbacks that may not be immediately obvious at first glance.

Some of the drawbacks have received quite a lot of attention, like the issue of internal space.

But what is less well known is that the sight was very well made, very convenient to use and had higher magnification than the ones used in contemporary Western tanks. More often than not, the Soviet military industry had been plagued by lackluster technological capabilities in some fields. This was especially true immediately after the end of the war. Some factories were short of qualified personnel, worsening the quality of the tanks they built.

Nizhny Tagil, for instance, was almost totally devoid of experienced and qualified staff after the war ended, as most of the Kharkov Design Bureau workers and engineers had decided to return to their headquarters in Kharkov in Soviet Ukraine once the war was over.

I don't think I'll have a hard time keeping up with that. Today I added borders and sewed together the backing for this memory sweatshirt quilt. The owner of the shirts was an avid animal lover, especially dogs and cats. I finished quilting Mary's mothers quilt today with Baptist Fan quilting. She was unable to obtain a photograph at this time. The swimming pool is under-construction and the birds are using it undisturbed. Map to location HERE This is a different bird than the one seen this year at Iona. Cunegonda. Questi sospettò gravemente della regina e fu necessario l'intervento di Dio per ristabilire la pace e l'unione fra i due coniugi. A construction worker confronted Joseph and an argument turned into a single punch to the head, D. C. police said. Knocked unconscious, Joseph was put on life support. Joseph, who emigrated from St. Lucia and was an avid gardener who helped his neighbors perfect their plots, died the next day at a hospital.

His death has been ruled a homicide.

TPT - On Knoll Beck were a Little Egret and a Kingfisher. Due to the notoriety of the Werck family, the church loyal to their wealthiest collaborators didn't even bother to investigate the veracity of the accusation. During the trial the inquisitor slandered, tortured and killed all of Helen's closest relatives, personally delivering her death penalty in a public square. However, these events unleashed extreme and supernatural reactions, when the spirit of the accused was divided between love and hate, with unforeseen consequences to the lives of all involved in this romantic saga of two souls in love. AMAZON BUY LINK MY THOUGHTS There is a fine line between love and hate. It's like they walk hand in hand. This is a story of two lovers, curses and reincarnation. I believe you have to enter this book with an open mind. It's fiction, it's fantasy, it's another world. Hello Friends! I am a guest designer for The Cut Shoppe this month!!! I love Ashley's cut files and was super excited to be part of her reveals for the month of January. Her cut files are so whimsical yet some are very simple and detailed. I do love backgrounds so of course I choose a few background files to work with this month. My second project is a layout and I used the GEO Globe Cut file. PURCHASE HERE I LOVED the options for this cut file. You can fill out parts of the glove, all of it or none at all. SOOO many great options - those backgrounds are for sure my favorite to use.

This was created again using Simple Stories Love & Adore.

Every traveler experiences a dilemma.

You blow into a new town with only six hours to acquaint yourself with the place and its inhabitants.

Even if you have visited before, you need to wisely budget your time. There are two obvious choices. The first is to run about madly trying to absorb as much new culture as possible. Those buses are often my choice. The second option is to pick one or two items to visit. You can then spend enough time to learn something in medium depth. I chose option number two for our visit to Adelaide yesterday. Probably at the same time Heisenberg was having a Guinness in waking life haha! Heisenberg, thank you for encouraging all of us to be ourselves. I know the pressure has really been on us, for as long as we have all respectively been involved in this, to rise to the occasion. But that doesn't mean being some kind of cookie-cutter type of spiritual person, philanthropist, or anything - if that even exists! It means to be the best version of our unique, wonderful selves. A space for everyone to enjoy with many opportunities for inspiration, creativity, and recreation.

Also, thank you Cowboy and Greenman for reminding me of a promise I made to myself years ago to learn the healing art of Reiki.

parking on the GA apron. I laughed. pic. m. m. Happy April Fools' Day! Join others for trail running and weekend funning. An epidemic of these proportions indicates poor nutrition on a vast level, whether through lack of knowledge about how to eat well or no access to healthy food. This is costly to governments and individuals, not to mention unpleasant. ". I'm delighted to be here in Seekerville to share a quick Writers Guide to "what's what" and "who's who" in Canada. And, I'll be here all day to answer any questions you may have about Canada that you've always wanted to know. So, let's get to it! General Facts: We're the second largest country in the world, next to Russia. ça va être du survol inconsistant. Four new neighborhoods were freed in east Mosul, while fighting continued for several others.

Salam was being cleared as well, and there was still a struggle for Sumer, Palestine, Siha, Nassir and Shaimaa.

The Islamic State was at work as well. At least two people were wounded by mortar fire, and a reporter was injured in a separate incident. These caves that have been created in part by nature with the rest of the work by human hands digging into the rock on both sides of a deep ravine. The amazing city is eye-squinting brilliant in the morning sun. 'The Sassi', or Historic Center of Matera seems to rise out of the rock in layer upon layer of block structures, stairs and grottos. At times the city looks a little M. C. Escher like.

Things here have greatly improved for the residents of Matera.

PRASHANT MAGADUM. newdelhi. fco. gov. The last I heard is if you use Cashier's Checks, you can move much larger amounts because there is more safety in that system.

Whereas wiring money actually moves the money instantly, and there is no chance to vet the situation.

We are going to have way more freedom than we ever had with money. I understand we will even have very large bills in paper money. Additionally, since the financial system is so secure and so easy to track in case of problems, in time you should be able to wire just about whatever you want, with the right notifications and procedures. It opened with the words: "He will die in jail", he said. Donald Trump has heaped criticism onto the US security services after a series of leaks from official sources embarrassed his administration. .