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First of all- which prints can you win? I'm not gonna tell you. Good ones though. But I do want to say thanks if you do this, so I want to give you a chance to win something. Make sure you put your return address on your letter so I know where to send the print if you win, and who knows? I'd love it if John was motivated to write a response to a letter or two. I certainly hope so. He wakes up everyday now to find himself in a nursing home in a shared room.

He's feeling lonely and depressed, which is not his usual way of life.

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Location: The place is situated near Seoul Station which is a great location since it's a couple of stations away from popular tourist spots such as Myeongdong or Hongdae. The new Shenandoah Valley Botanical block was announced this week HERE. I am currently working on my "pink" version as shown above. Happy to say I'm a bit further along since taking this picture on Tuesday.

I received a very beautiful surprise in the mail for Christmas.

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Spearfish Canyon along U.

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The couple's daughter brought out a rather nice assortment.

What I wanted was some of the loudest options. And there they are at the top of this essay. Fifteen blockbusters that the United States could have effectively used on Berlin or Tokyo seventy years ago. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images.

Did you know that Pi Day is also Albert Einstein's brirthday? What better way to celebrate than with pi pies! #yyc pic.

Hello Ai fabric fans! I'm back with the January edition of Tuesday Threads with Karen. and this is the most fun that I've had sewing in a while! I came across this idea on Pinterest, and knew that these little fabric boxes would be amazing in the Art Impressions Shop Hop fabrics that are available through Henry Glass Co. I intended to make just one. and ended up with four! Trust me, if time wasn't an issue, you'd be seeing about a dozen of these. JIMMY FALLON: According to a White House aide, President Trump loves to drink Virgin Bloody Marys. Kind of an odd cocktail, not very popular. Well, it turns out Trump also loves some other lesser known cocktails. We got a list earlier. Like for instance, he enjoys a 'Mai-tie Too Long. ' Now and then, he enjoys a 'Nation on the Rocks,' the always refreshing 'Omarosamimosa,' and of course he loves 'White Russians. '. Smack in the middle of those spaces was Emerald Creek, a Canadian shop perhaps best known for their embossing powders. Happily, I connected with the crew there and was able to bring home some embossing powders to try. .