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Con questa frase, tutt'altro che incoraggiante, un frate francescano del convento di Voghera accoglieva il piccolo Luigi Orione che aveva chiesto di entrarvi per farsi frate.

Il padre faceva lo stradino e politicamente stava dalla parte di chi, pur di cambiare le cose che andavano davvero male, era disposto anche ad andare per le spicce. Sua madre, invece, era tutta casa e chiesa. D'estate, al tempo della mietitura, la mamma andava a spigolare trascinandosi dietro il piccolo Luigi. E si inchinava lei stessa a raccoglierla. Quel gesto, di raccogliere e portare alla bocca ogni pezzo di pane, divenne anche per Luigi un'abitudine. Che un giorno gli costò cara.


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Embed from Getty Images. parking on the GA apron. It has a few bunnies with eggs but it also has this cute little chick. You may have noticed that my challenge card today has the same patterned paper. I guess I thought the leftover pieces were too pretty to toss and left them in a box of unfinished cards. The colors and fun floral pattern were perfect for my spring cards today. I brushed some clear Wink of Stella onto the eggs for some sparkle and the chick's arms & eggs were popped up! I also have a sketch for this card on my blog if you'd like to try this one. I am really looking forward to this update. I am especially looking forward to this change. I am a lighting junkie. I always think that if there is one change that can be made in a home, it's the lighting. I have never been a fan of fluorescent lights. I think that they are cold and unflattering. Military support was only part of Iran's program however. It also launched a sophisticated propaganda campaign to promote itself as the savior of Iraq. The success of this campaign was shown in a survey done of pilgrims to the Shiite shrine in Karbala. Happy first day of SPRING! This is my happiest day of the year, no lie. The thought of flowers and grass and gardens and warmth just fills me with delight. Be gone dreadful winter! Aren't you loving it too? So here's an update on all those things I have been working on. I finally finished the wallpaper. There are a few more details that we are working on so I'll just give you a teaser photo. I absolutely love it. The color changes with the light.

I tried taking photos in bright sunshine and on a cloudy day but to no avail.

I just can't get a true color in the photo. Hopefully I'll be able to get a good photo for the reveal of this tiny space. It truly is the smallest entry ever. Just room enough to swing the door open and then either turn right and up a few steps to the kitchen or straight into the basement, but it was a bear to wallpaper! Dangling over the steps on that ladder made me feel like a real daredevil. .