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with serious transgressors being thrown out.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf. Gotta admit, I don't care what Lil Marco has to say about anything. Not one, tiny damn. I'm sure Schumer delivered the Democratic party line adequately by slow freight. Tom Friedman can go pound sand up David Brooks' ass, and no one from the American Enterprise Institute or the Wall Street Journal should be allowed to appear in public unless they are under oath ans strapped to a lie detector. But I mean honestly speaking, the problem with this is it is partisanship. Oh great. On en retiendra qu'un seul, ou presque. en ce qui nous concerne.

Yesterday evening, following the morning's "WTF on Justin Amash?" post, WarOnGuns Correspondent Laocoön sent me the following, with the notation: "Ha! Still bogus, but moving in the right direction.

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I can't relate to these women.

There is improv in Winnipeg. It's everywhere if you know where to look. This website will give you the scoop. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here are things. You can thank Governor Hedgefund for trying to do his bit to stop Illinoisans from wasting their scarce health care benefits on trifles like chemo and diabetes medication.

You see, as a Professional Man of Business he knows much better than you how those dollars should be spent.

From hometown news leader, the State Journal-Register: Rauner administration says Munger pay plan was error Illinois Gov. It was a typo, people! One of the Professional Man of Business' team of private sector heroes transposed a number. Just a boo-boo. Jesus, why is everybody making such a big deal about this. ?. Rauner's spokeswoman, Catherine Kelly, told the AP Wednesday that Munger had not yet been paid and that her salary would "not impact state employee health insurance payments or service providers. scam-job-emails. Home office has assigned correspondent immigration attorney Mrs. Supriya at the British Embassy office to be in charge of your travelling document processing. The major steps are your visa registration, your work permit registration we will be booking your flight ticket immediately we receive confirmation of your successful work permit registration. scam-job-emails. But before that you have to make your registration first through my assistance. This will help me to register your name here so that you will be recognized by the British embassy Officials and to enable me open your files and proceed with those required traveling documents. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Who ever posts intel are hopped on and its here we go again. To date no one has the start of the RV. Im not sure those who are running the RV know when it will happen. I listen To Bruce, Yousef, Tank,and read their posts and they sound sincere. If those who dont like intel would like to, they have my permission to leave and go elswere. It's been a mighty feat,To see evil's defeat,It is near, my dear,Our flag will fly bravely again,A new era is to begin. Freedom for all without a doubt,From the rooftops you will shout,The enemy is done, we have won,The light of a new day is on the way,Shake ups, shake downs, politics overthrown. The people demand to take back their land,Free the slaves, red, black, brown, and white,Banish wrong, bring back the right,God is our Leader, there is no interceder,We are free, let it be!Crash, clash, swords out galore,It's a judgement like never before,LOVE WINS, it can't be denied,For Justice is on our side,Pray for Peace, now Release. And the veterans talk abouth their battle scars. I love this bar. What's your poison? Liz makes the best blackberry lemon drops. then also added the conditions of world events to those puzzle pieces. you would begin to SEE the big picture !! DC Quote from a call: "I'm also gonna say this three times throughout the thing, 'cause Churchill always tells us say it three times, and that is this is subject to change, that everybody remain flexible, okay? Again, this is subject to change, everybody remain flexible. And one more time, SUBJECT TO CHANGE, EVERYBODY REMAIN FLEXIBLE. Why. The people of Earth are suffering. God's Plan is the Long Game. This I understand. For far too long has this suffering, this quiet death, continued. And this reluctance, this unnecessary stall, this seemingly unending waiting for the right moment, is unacceptable. If I do not, in good conscience, call you out, who will? Enough! God's people have had enough! Even you, beloved and trusted servants, must be held accountable. This is the thing IMO. I am thinking Iraq is ready to lift the rate. at time of posting. Educator Effectiveness Timeline To do. Finalize or acknowledge all observations. I don't know about you, but my students always loved doing activities related to food. Have handwriting be writing their favorite movie character names, let them do a research project about their preferred topic, make social stories or behavior charts using their favorite video games or apps, etc. I have collected pictures of some of my favorite food themed work tasks to share with you. I would love to hear about your favorite food themed tasks as well! How perfect is this task with Valentine's day only a couple days away?! Save that chocolate box, find some images/clip art of candies and make a matching task! Use your mini cupcake containers from your next class party and find some large pom poms for students to "put in" each cupcake liner. Color the bottoms of the liners if you want students to match the correct color pom pom. What kid doesn't love fast food? I went to McDonalds and asked if they would be willing to donate some empty fry containers for my special education class. She wrote: "Barron will be this country's first homeschool shooter. #Inauguration pic. A source familiar with the situation says 'SNL' has suspended Katie Rich indefinitely, and the suspension came down immediately after her infamous social media post on inauguration Friday. .