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Monarch 925075 Pricemarker Labels - 0.43"" Width x 2.16"" Length - 1 / Pack - 2500/Roll - Red

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Since I finished my round a few days ago, I did try a few things off plan this weekend. On Friday, I was finally able to get my hair done. This appointment was so overdue that it wasn't even funny. My roots were screaming for some bleach! I decided to stop by Starbucks on the way to the hair salon for a Caramel Macchiato. Hello Friends its Kristine Davidson with you today.

It has beautiful soft colors and great images for those winter pages.

My first layout is called Winter Chill - I used a pattern paper for my background on this layout and then started layering with other pattern papers and I wanted to highlight some of those papers. In order for me to do that I used the Oh What Fun paper to create a brown border around those papers. That created a bit of a definition for me, which I like. Layering with dimensional adhesive is nothing new on my pages and this layout was no exception. Creating a cluster of embellishments on the right bottom corner of my pictures was a great place to add a snowman, some skates, and a few word strips. I love flowers and even if this is a winter layout I find that these blue/yellow/white flowers add such a beautiful touch to my page. Regina Spektor - You Don\\\'t Know Me","Dizzee Rascal feat. Ovvero gli oggetti prima della decorazione e dopo.

Ed ecco che le bottigliette delle flebo.

The islands on the mere all had new numbers ready for the new breeding season. "Rings Around The World!". On delivery I found they had picked up a few bad habits so on overhaul I gave them new names "Louie", "Sid" and "Juno". New names, fresh beginning. Check out more information soon. Keep checking them all for the latest information. Recently the folks at BFree reached out to me and asked if I'd like to try some of their breads. My loaves flew out of the bag in a hurry. for sandwiches, avocado toast, toast with jam, and various other quick and tasty snacks. The texture, as you can see, is airy and also a bit dense, and not too far toward either. Stella focuses on the elements of design and planning before your painting. Putting the color down is the PLAY time of the painting, not the work part. . Non bisognava certo essere degli indovini per prevedere che la gara d'appalto per l'affidamento in locazione del megaparcheggio di Lipari, ubicato nel cuore dell'isola e chiuso da quasi due anni, andasse deserta. Quite a few of these bills are improvements over current law, some are housekeeping measures, some are well intentioned but dangerous, some are goofy and some are simply awful. Lately, I have been feeling the political climate and it has been weighing on me. It has been hard to figure out how I felt in the midst of everything. Today, was set aside for being with my man and rebooting.

We went out to nature which is the best place to go when you need clarity.

Something about the sound of birds and beautiful sights of nature that gets things set straight inside of yourself. We are in the middle of a mild winter and the color palette is so interesting. A mixture of cool and warm tones. By the time we finished the trail, I could hear my heart and knew how I felt. The response to my honesty was loving and kind. LET US PRAY, for our friend Gary Larrabee who is very sick at the moment and is being aided by close friends to take him to the hospital and home to live with them if need be until he recovers. Gary has been throwing up alot and has had trouble walking and having fainting spells. He has been checked out and no stroke has occured, but an heart arrithyma was detected. Gary "feels he has been under a spritual attack" from the dark forces of evil in his endeavor to help the good Light workers of Jesus Christ in the fight for what all is good and just. Gary says "all is in God's control" and ask for you not to worry, but he does ask for prayer. He was aided by a close friend who managed to help Gary to get a little bit of food on his stomach finally, and his close friend also got Gary to the hospital. Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. ChildAbuseRecovery. Get Information regarding Atria Institute of Technology Bangalore – B.

Tech Admission.

The college is approved by AICTE, by the Government of Karnataka and belongs to Visvesvaraya Technological University. The institute is one of the most prestigious institutions in Bangalore, which is providing state of the art professional education in various streams of Engineering and Management. Get Information regarding Atria Institute of Technology Bangalore – B. Tech Admission. The goal of the college is to be a centre for professional training, not only as per the syllabus of the university, but also to meet the requirements of the profession & dependable centre to meet the needs of society in the professional areas with which it is associated. santamaria begins sat at giant robot Store. Embed from Getty Images. Hi Ai Fans! Happy Friday everyone! Today I am using the Art Impressions "Nuts About You" set again! I just can't get enough of these adorable squirrels! I always have lots of these critters stealing from my bird feeders and It's hilarious how inventive they can be to get to the seeds! Now my fur babies on the other hand watch for them out the kitchen window and then race out to try to chase them away. One of my favourite layouts is to tilt the papers for an interesting look. I added Clear Wink of Stella on the darker pink letter, heart, ribbon and bow. I found the wooden "love heart" embellishment in my stash and coloured it with a Glitter Pink Wink of Stella brush to match my colour theme. I am really looking forward to this update. I am especially looking forward to this change. I am a lighting junkie. I always think that if there is one change that can be made in a home, it's the lighting. I have never been a fan of fluorescent lights. I think that they are cold and unflattering. Hello, sunshiney weather, longer brighter evenings and the promise of spring.

This clock change has got me all sorts of happy and spring definitely gives me that motivating jolt.

I'm so happy to see glimpses of blossom on the trees and, as my mum would say, 'the sticky buds popping' on the horse chestnuts. This week has been one of getting outside and enjoying nature. Progress. This week I finished my placement and I was so proud to see the progress the children I had worked with had made. It was incredible to think of what they had learnt in such a short space of time and being part of that was amazing. From DNA Info:A Queens councilwoman wants food trucks and carts to display letter grades, just like city restaurants. Karen Koslowitz introduced a bill in the City Council Wednesday, which she said would require the city's Health Department to conduct inspections and give food carts and trucks letter grades of A, B or C. "You go to a food cart, and you really don't know its sanitary condition," Koslowitz said in a statement. "Our current grading system works well for restaurants, and I believe it would be good for the City's food carts as well. One major reason for the media in this country being dead is that there is no expiration date on the careers of former Bush-regime dead-enders, no matter how repeatedly wrong and ridiculous they are. From The Atlantic, where Mr. Frum is a senior editor for no explicable reason: An Immigration Order as Stupid as it Is Counterproductive So far, so good. Jebus, driftglass, whaddya gotta go and get all worked up over. The liberal scorn for nationhood and refusal to adapt immigration policy to changing circumstances enables the rise of extremism in the West. Oh.

and if you support any of these people that makes you part of the problem.

The only reason these people have any claim to celebrityhood is because people pour money into their coffers. Is it really that hard to say "no" to their movies and "music?" I haven't got time to list some of the attendees. They're available at Daily Mail. Pictures inside the bash were forbidden, but the photos of arrivals and departures was enough to know that the White House was trashed. The Odumbo family couldn't wait to have a party in their new rented home - you know, the one where workers are busy building a wall. Oh, hell noes. Let's make the taxpayer pick up the tab for the food, help, and clean up on aisle four. Hope they made it to a toilet. " - Khalil Gibran The wind starts to pick up as the rain falls making for a small stormy day. Only content wind swell which is making it swirly in the mysterious ocean. CHANNEL: The winds are just cutting off the small NW swell as most of it is slop chop. Due to high winds blowing head on, some people might ask themselves what am I going to do. Well try something new and give it your all as the ocean had a little to much to drink. PATCH: Too windy to have too much fun in the ghost town of Bolinas. During the start of the year security incidents were in a steady decline until May and June when they went up slightly during the Islamic State's spring offensive. They then continued to spiral downwards until August when attacks went up reaching a peak in November, before dipping again in December. .