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James Fryar, FSSP. And his brethren were content. Perhaps the ugliest handle bars ever devised by man.

Ten years ago on the blog here I referenced a "New York Times" article which bemoaned the state of customer relations between bicycle shop mechanics and the customers.

I took umbrage at their "too simplistic" viewpoint and offered up some counterpoints to their views. Of course, I also agreed that in many cases, they were right to say what they did say. Here is a sampling of that post for review: "On the other hand: I will say that certain of the bicycle mechanic and sales help are woefully under informed, self righteous, and downright unfriendly. I have been in several bike shops that have suffered this mentality. A good shop will have a knowledgeable mechanic that is most likely under payed, and expected to cover customer service, sales, teaching, managing, purchasing, researching, and student skills all in the same day. A lot of us are stressed, sure. Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation Makes it Easy for Customers to Buy Direct Lion's Share of All PYBN Parts and Accessories In stock, Ready to Ship Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation, the custom shop known for providing the Harley-Davidson aftermarket with trend-setting designs of the highest quality, sells directly to customers. It has always been that way, and it always will be. "We're looking to make things easy on people," says Paul Yaffe. "We provide aesthetically sharp and unique options for customization—our parts are easy to install, we use only the best materials possible, everything is designed for hard riding and you can buy directly from us. No middlemen needed. Not exactly sure in which direction you want to take your custom job? Bagger Nation salespeople are the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the business, and they're ready to help you determine the best options for your bike. The kitchen has new tile on the floor and glass tile on the back splash. This home has ceiling fans and new lights. Close to St. Joseph's University, City Line Avenue, Center City, and Lower Merion. Close to shopping and supermarkets. Be the first to use this new washer, dryer, stove, and refrigerator. This is a renters dream. Public transportation is a block away. I think perhaps it was that which conjured up a memory dream last night. This was when Myself and my Killer Whale Trainer girlfriend first visited Howletts. It wasn't an official zoo then but a private collection and not open to the public. Port Lympne was not even thought of. We visited the Tigers and the Gorillas…. and yes the Ratel which were housed in a Squash Court. How things have changed. La moglie Fatima e il figlio Adilnando lo ricordano con immutato affetto. My husband has now been four months home from hospital. Today was a better day – than last Saturday, I mean. Scotland beat Italy by a tidy score, without letting them score anything at all. AND IRELAND BEAT ENGLAND! That one was on a knife-edge until the concluding seconds. England had been pretty well taking it for granted that they would win, and thereby win the Grand Slam, so-called, which would have meant they had beaten every other nation in the tournament. Pride goeth before a fall, not infrequently. The tournament is now over for this year. We came fourth. The Tannehill sweater was perfect for rugby knitting, round and round in st st. Smokey had this printed up and for some reason covered up Chic's "W"!. A tuskless male being delivered that I named "Hugo" and the hands later called "HUGGO". The unattributed University Ventures article argues "this piece re-fights yesterday's war. the many challenges and opportunities facing higher education lend themselves to bipartisan consensus – perhaps more than any other area of public policy.

" Bipartisanship is of course a U.

S. phenomenon. But it is worth noting that there are many things U. S. lawmakers agree upon that are opposed in corners around the world. SATURDAY NEWS AND NOTES. Five straight days of blue skies and sunshine which is driving Bill Martin, Roberta Gonzales and Spencer Christian nuts. Weather people have this enormous ego problem, it's all about them, them, them. ! I'm half-kidding but knowing most of them they really like the extra air time.

And that's just fine but please, before the drought when it was the same weather pattern day after day KTVU's Martin looked silly with that "WeatherAUTHORITY!" graphic behind him.

It gives a brief overview of historical tapestries and shows a bit about the designing and weaving of tapestry. At the end, there are many contemporary tapestries shown. I've added the YouTube link at the left margin in the links of interest.

It's hard to keep up with everything that's out there in cyberspace where you can find interesting and inspiring things about tapestry! My list gives only a few of them.

American Tapestry Alliance's website includes a listing of links and I'm sure it will grow. There's nothing like seeing tapestries in person. The status of proposed legislation we are monitoring can be found on AzCDL's Bill Tracking page. They admit it. It's refreshing to see these people admit they're OK with being referred to essentially as whores in a field where so many pose as respected crusading figures of trust. For further information on these Scams, please Read . We have no HCL as I type this, but that's subject to change, and hopefully a very soon change. TV or Kim Clement Ministries. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. I really enjoyed reading your post. The journey that leads one to be a healer, is one of the most loving tales that can be told.

I had a profound vision during my first Reiki session.

This vision has led me to my life's work of having my own healing center.

Embed from Getty Images. JIMMY FALLON: There are rumors that President Trump could appoint Sarah Palin as the U. S. ambassador to Canada. Palin said she's flattered but she doesn't really want to move to Europe. That's right, Trump could appoint Sarah Palin as the ambassador to Canada, which explains why now Canada is building a wall. "Caution is preferable to rash bravery. " Falstaff in King Henry the Fourth, by William Shakespeare The pilot's decision to land during unfavorable wind conditions, which resulted in a loss of control due to settling with power. Contributing to the accident were the lack of an adequate approach path due to numerous obstructions and the lack of available guidance regarding the helicopter's performance capabilities in the right quartering tailwind condition. Happy New Year!!! Hard to believe that another year has passed by. and even harder to believe. I case you did not know it, Mr. David Brooks, The New York Times' chief Conservative political thinker and America's most tedious moralizing machine, is a very delicate soul.

For example, you might remember that just four years ago he needed to have his personal fainting couch reupholstered with Kevlar because politics was so very mean and awful! From Mr.

So far this year, both President Obama and Mitt Romney seem more passionate about denying the other side victory than about any plank in their own agendas. Both campaigns have developed contempt for their opponent, justifying their belief that everything, then, is permitted. hope it's also with you and your family over there in your country as well?. Also with an Appointed Immigration Agency who has been appointed to defend and guide your visa and work permit file in our embassy. Contact them with this documents to confirm that you are the the one i refer them to when you call. Your signed /Contract Agreement. Staff will be there from the bank to get your $ into an HSBC acct. We will do a banking transaction while at a high-security location. Working-class people are used to going to retail banks to do bank business, but someone with a larger bank acct might do bank business while golfing w their wealth mgr, etc. And if you say that governmental satanists are the minions of the parasite non-Earthly controllers of this world, then by Matt T's observation yesterday. "Whoa thar parnter - you got the wrong guy - that wasn't me that posted that - check again. Thank you so much for all you have done for our Republic and for humanity.

A young girl waves a pregnancy test in the air that she spent her babysitting money to buy while hiding the evidence from her parents.

Her eyes widen and her mind fills with despair as the pink plus sign appears. In that moment she know's she's pregnant. Then, just as suddenly, a trip to the doctor reveals it was nothing more than a false positive and order in her life is instantly restored. You'd think she would have learned her lesson. But it wouldn't be the last time that the girl would go through that process of anxiety, fear, and regret only to awaken to the relief at the doctor's office that she wasn't pregnant after all. This will be useful for those of you who may have missed something on this date.