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Dymo 18490 RhinoPRO Wire and Cable Label Tape - 0.50"" Width x 11.50 ft Length - 1 Each - Nylon - Direct Thermal - Yellow

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One of my biggest troll critics laments my constant appreciation of the past and disillusionment about the present and future.

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These are pretty darn cute just like this! But you can turn them into this for Valentine treats. These are the mini Ghirardelli dark chocolates. I've just covered them with blue or white cardstock and stamped the images on them. When they're all done they will look this cute in a sweet bowl. Marcellino era considerato «uomo santo e pieno di zelo per la santificazione del popolo».

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Another one not to miss!.

Lately, I have been feeling the political climate and it has been weighing on me. It has been hard to figure out how I felt in the midst of everything. Today, was set aside for being with my man and rebooting. We went out to nature which is the best place to go when you need clarity. Something about the sound of birds and beautiful sights of nature that gets things set straight inside of yourself. We are in the middle of a mild winter and the color palette is so interesting. A mixture of cool and warm tones.

By the time we finished the trail, I could hear my heart and knew how I felt.

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