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According to Microsoft documentation, Logic Apps is a service to simplify and implement scalable integration and workflows in the cloud.

As a CRM professional I was aware of Microsoft Flow but not of Logic Apps. Microsoft Flow is actually built on Logic App Most of the features and API connections are the same. The major difference is that Microsoft Flow is targeted for business users whereas Logic Apps is targeted towards IT professionals and developers. Logic Apps can have some additional connections like BizTalk APIs. The other major difference is that Microsoft Flow workflows are created in production but Logic Apps provides the DevOps and security assurance.

The good thing is that we don't need to write code to create the endpoints.

Create a Logic App Logon to the Microsoft Azure Portal. Laura and I did not want to get caught up in that. We'd thought of watching the ball drop in Times Square but learned that people had to line up to get into the square in the afternoon. It was cold and windy. And here's the rub: there were not toilet facilities. Maybe younger people can do that. There's a new underwear for women that's called THINX and lets them bleed so supposedly also poop and pee with the abandon DEPENDs promises. There were lots of advertisements on the Subways for THINX and I wondered if it was in anticipation for New Year Eve in Times Square. FIVE HOURS OF ANGST Well, that was interesting! The Costa Mesa City Council met again last night in a meeting that took longer than it should have and ended on a less than harmonious note, but more on that later. YELLOWSTONE LAWSUIT MOVES FORWARD The council met in a Closed Session - see the agenda HERE for the list of items. BELTIN' OUT THE "BANNER". Regardless, Pastor Jon Mestas of the Newport Mesa Church prayed.

When I signed up to help launch Counting Grains of Sand, I had no idea just how timely its message would be in my life.

Probably only snippets here and there would be applicable, right? I opened the book file on my phone during yet another weary night of pregnancy-induced insomnia. Natasha's humble honesty drew me in from the first page, and even as sleepiness finally began to set in I found it hard to set down.

Page after page held relatable accounts of Natasha's journey to fuller faith in God's goodness: so many precious stories of how He had showed Himself faithful, even in miraculous ways.

These were reminders that I needed as I actively sought to focus on Truth instead of giving space to the "what-ifs" that crowded my tired brain. .