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From Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio: Tonight's guest, Robert Smith, is an avid outdoorsman who used to love heading out long before dawn to hunt deer. After a series of experiences he's had in the woods, though, the woods aren't as enjoyable for him to be in, as they once were. We hope you'll tune in, to hear Robert talk about what happened to him that changed how he'll view the woods forever. . A government official says the Trump administration will revoke guidelines that say transgender students should be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their chosen gender identity. Texas Sized Barbeque Grills The decision would be a reversal of an Obama-era directive issued in May. The White House says President Donald Trump believes the issue is for the states to decide without federal involvement. Source:. If realized, that harvest boost would be owing in great part to the catch of many more humpies. m.

at the B-B-E elementary school.

Teams included are Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Fergus Falls, Lakeview, Litchfield, MACCRAY, Sauk Centre, Melrose Area and Worthington. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa dance team, belgrade-brooten-elrosa school.

Now that you are all cut.

A woman is dead after an off-duty Galveston police officer shot her on Thursday night, according to officials. m. when he saw a disturbance, police said. As the officer approached the situation, he saw a woman with a gun, authorities said.

The officer sent his family away and shots were fired, according to reports.

Police said it is not clear how many shots were fired or if the woman pointed or fired the gun at the officer. "To be honest, I don't know if he got that far. This painting is a constant reminder of a loved one. Fusion is kicking off the new year with a sweet sketch, wintry inspiration photo and fabulous guest designers! I am delighted that Brian King agreed to be my guest. He is so creative, so much fun and has a CAS style that is all his own.

Check out his cool treat on the Fusion site! You are going to love seeing all of our guest designers' amazing creations! I do hope you get a chance to play along! Stamp Sets: Tea Time by Avery Elle, Made With Love by SU! Carried Away DSP by SU! Falling Petals Embossing Folder by SU!.

Show's Director Leo Penn. But a maddening policy by KGO/Cumulus still exists and nowhere is it more idiotic and insulting than Rothmann's show. KGO, I've said in the past, thinks its listeners, at least the majority, have a short attention span. They regard the Bay Area, wrongly I believe, is just like Tampa and Sacramento, just to name a few locations. Valentine treats. cookies, pies, tarts and cupcakes baked with love. My dear friend Kim, baked the cookies, tarts and cupcakes. Thank you Roxanne and Kim! Feathering Your Nest More Valentine minis will be showing up here soon. Until then, have a great Thursday! Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. Do you like emo's or gothic's people Selena Both Derron None Xavier None Cade None. I had planned to round out my Friday with a nice little digestif about MSNBC's exciting new Wingnut Full Employment Program where, night after night, many of the same despicable Conservative rodenti from yesteryear who spent decades making their living calling Liberals like me a traitor and creating the toxic Petri dish of Conservative paranoia, rage and malignant ignorance out of which the monster of their dreams has finally arisen. are now making their living on MSNBC, in The New York Times and other formerly-reputable venues yelling "OMG! There's a moooonster! Look out!" I had planned to feature one such rattus republicannus named Charlie Sykes who spend most of his career doing his level best to destroy civilized political discourse in Wisconsin: The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker A journey through the poisonous, racially divided world that produced a Republican star. "¡Gaviota!", grita el público. But at least the rate hike is seen as vote of confidence in US economy which has witness increasing inflation and job growth and of course market react positively on this. Our immediate thinking will be, of course the cost of borrowing will increase as bank will price in higher loan rate, and this lead me to think further that will bank be benefited with higher loan cost eventually. Meantime ,some analyst are more cautious on that because our banks are facing loan crisis from O&G sector hence may not be so sanquine on bank's future earning. But in Singapore , with worsening job market and declining consumer spending, we may have different situation as US. Well, one may need to pull out their crystal ball to see which sectors might be affected or benefited under such rising rate environment. While searching for clues on how to do and cope with rising interest rate environment, I came across this so called " Bond Ladder " strategy as way to minimize the interest rate risk and increase liquility in shorter period. The purpose of purchasing several smaller bonds with different maturity dates rather than one large bond with a single maturity date is to minimize interest-rate risk, increase liquidity and diversify credit risk. BREAKING DOWN 'Bond Ladder' In a bond ladder, the bonds' maturity dates are evenly spaced across several months or several years so that the proceeds are reinvested at regular intervals as the bonds mature. The more liquidity an investor needs, the closer together his bond maturities should be. So images of Jesus are Nestorian. On the other hand, Catholics say that if you deny that Mary is the Mother of God, that makes you Nestorian. Poses a bit of a dilemma for Puritans. . Heard about this place at Woodlands Loop, since was in the vicinity, decided to go and take a look. hais. What a LaBeefbrain. Have another drink, Shiahead. It's entertaining watching what happens when you inflict yourself on the wrong guy. Swoon over this set of positively awesome images from Canadian-based photographer, Katie Tribiger of KT Photography. The shoot was meant to inspire the romantic, modern and elegant bride. A soft palette of gold, blush, and white was used to create a this environment. This vision was brought to life through all the amazing vendors and the little details they added their touches on. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . "An unknown armed group killed on Sunday the Islamic State's most famous decapitator, the so-nicknamed 'Abu Sayyaf'", the source told Alsumaria News. "The armed group ambushed him at al-Dawasa region, in the western side of the city, and stabbed him several times. He died immediately," he added. Abu Sayyaf was the leading decapitator in the group's so-called "Nineveh State", according to the source. Several assassinations and kidnappings of Islamic State leaderships have been reported since the Iraqi government launched a major offensive in October to retake the city of Mosul, the extremist group's biggest stronghold in Iraq. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Dr. Melinda F. Lumanta, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, served as the lead discussant of the conversation. Saliksik has laid out four strategic goals which all aim to provide support to faculty members and researchers in producing quality research. These are the: ODeL State of the Art Project, Research Publication Project, Research Preparation Support Project, and Analytical Tools Support Project.

The first project, ODeL State of the Art Project, aims to use the weekly Research Conversations as venue to produce state of the art papers through a system of identifying research interest groups with lead researchers to prepare a research-based paper on aspects of ODeL.

For the Research Publication Project, the objective is identify and list the high-impact journals and conferences where faculty and staff can submit their research papers. In addition to this, the process from application of grants to disseminating results would be more streamlined and awards are planned to be given to those who publish in journals that are indexed by Scopus, WoS, and the like. JUST TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA. BUT TO GET THE ACTUAL COST REQUIRES SITE SURVEY OR VISIT. And I'm making a few paintings. The folks at barnesandnoble. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Once again, the beautiful artwork was produced by Richard Anderson. Here's the blurb:The bloodsoaked concluding volume of Kameron Hurley's epic fantasy, the Worldbreaker Saga, is unleashed. The Dhai nation has broken apart under the onslaught of the Tai Kao, invaders from a parallel world.

Happy New Year!!! Hard to believe that another year has passed by.

and even harder to believe. " - Confucius There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities. Still a fairly bullish SW swell meandering around but unable to find adequate purchase upon disordered bottom contours.

Generally untidy offerings to start the day but with the winds taking a break the possibilities are endless.