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Robert Dodson and his research partner Eudell go on a bigfoot stake out in their research area. See if you can spot the tree-peekers. When people try to envision a bigfoot sighting, they usually see something like the Patterson Gimlin film playing in their brain.

Truth is, most bigfoot sightings happen just like this one:.

Watch: Around the world Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld.

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Naturally, center stage belongs to the three Brontë sisters, who were subtly subverting male publishing paradigms from their famous home near the West Yorkshire moors. It is an incisive look at how the culture of popular psychology permeates contemporary reading experiences in profound, perhaps unalterable ways. Travis sees this in the pervasive language of self-help, rehabilitation, and recovery that her students use when talking about texts. The title refers to her students' belief that if only Emily Brontë's classic couple had had access to some form of therapy, they might have been able to make a success of their relationship. What struck me most powerfully in her sharp, unsettling piece, however, was the fate of Wuthering Heights and texts like it. Favorite dal vento stanno risalendo verso l'altoSul posto stanno per giungere i vigili del fuocoPer le foto grazie a Francesca Falconieri e Claudio Biviano. My husband got a package in the mail from an old friend. He was trying to attack me and my camera. Can you tell he thinks it is great fun to stalk me? It is a flying thing/Gyrocopter and kept him occupied for quite some time. Flying in the kitchen It is hard to photograph in flight, it will give me practice on moving objects! Chance retreated to the bathroom to den up.

It is his safe place.

It was cold…it is still cold. The wind is just raw. Ideal day for stitching!.

let me repeat that.

Who the hell cares what that women had to say to a bunch of poorly dressed, immoral nobody's patting themselves on the back for being so forward thinking?Adrienne the Swamp CreatureGuess what? Some Oregon libtard just called me a swamp creature. I'm honored. Even MORE Video Evidence Trump Did Not Mock Reporter's Disability . Thaipusam is a festival celebrated in Singapore, but it IS NOT a Public Holiday in Singapore. My mum, who has not been well recently, didn't go out for sometimes, so when she said wanted to go out, I was thinking, better to go on a weekday than weekend as usually weekend, places are crowded and also of her weaken leg. Saw a few stalls selling it, only do not know what stall is nicer. First thing first, find seat first. The stall nearest to our table, they do sell it and the guy came over to ask us, so we ordered from the stall. M. L'ARRESTATO, DOPO LA CATTURA, E' STATO CONDOTTO IN CARCERE A DISPOSIZIONE DELL'A. G. CHE HA SPICCATO L'ORDINE DI CATTURA. I've spent most of my life with squirrels in the yard or somewhere nearby. The etymology is unknown. Even my OED doesn't offer a suggestion, other than to indicate that it is "local. " Perhaps it is an ancient word, dating back to Saxon times. Interesting fact: "Even though they are brown in the winter, the leaves surrounding the drey continue to cling tightly to their branches because they were harvested well before the tree began the process of shutting down and shedding its leaves. Many Thanks & Much Gratitude To:Yosef, The Mu Crew, One Who Believes, Veritas & All The New Paradigm Stewardship:. It's a damp and pleasant night, and I'm plucking a perfect pink frog off a curtain of landscape cloth and placing her in a bucket. On our data sheets we refer to this as "assisting" them, which is not the verb the frogs use. In fact the case could be made that they lack appreciation.

Not a frog, but definitely landscape cloth We've got a slick system in place now.

Follow your Dream-and this is who we are, sung from the heart. Shared with love and immense gratitude -by Child of the Universe, still shedding tears of joy. This past week or so has seen me in a very reflective state. I even spent a few days where my mind was consistently empty - no thoughts, no strong emotions, no questions, no nothing. A blissful break from the machinations of problem-solving, seeking guidance, learning lessons, transmuting old energy, and desiring resolution to all life's so-called problems. Yesterday, my mind came back online, and I found that the quality of my thoughts and feelings were of a much cleaner, more loving frequency. I feel like I've been floating above myself, like I'm an observer of my life and less of a participant. I realized though, that from this higher state I have the curiosity to try once more to create my life and not just sit back and watch it pass by. But they say that you must be in alignment with your preferred reality in order to bring it into your experience. It definitely seems that this is where I find myself today. I wonder if this lack of doubt, fear, and grief has greased the wheels somewhat, if this transformation I have been undergoing for years is finally at the stage where I am ready to spread my wings and fly. This post is about setting-up a continuous delivery pipeline for SharePoint Online with Visual Studio Team Services. Unfortunately it cannot be installed on the hosted Team Services Agent so the easiest way here is to setup a private agent. In this post I will show how to setup a private Team Service Agent using a virtual machine hosted on Azure. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Okay, then.


Find how you can #ResistTrump this week: ✊️ pic.

The "occupy" stuff backfires.

John Lewis declared that his boycott of Donald Trump's inauguration would be the first presidential inauguration he did not attend. Excuse me but this is a bit of a brag blog. You can see the whole magazine just follow the link. I think. ?. Anyway that is one of my paintings on the front cover and I have a two page spread within the magazine. First time I have ever been described as an artist. Still too windy for a walk on the Esplanade. Secular progressives and "progressive Christians" stand at a crossroads. If Democrats wish to regain power, they need to rebuild and expand their fractured coalition. They lost in part because Obama overplayed his hand. And it isn't just the White House.

Congress is in the hands of the Republicans.

And Democrats now control only one quarter of state houses. All that bodes ill for redistricting after the next census. It wasn't on purpose with the first three. I also love it because this is my favorite of all of the baby stages. They are so sweet and snuggly and squishy. I LOVE looking at these! And I love looking at their measurements. The girls are all SO similar! They are all right there together in a little pack. And then there's Jay. NOTE! We advice you to print membership form out and scan it back afterfilling up the questions. Best RegardsMr. Dear VictimWith reference to the copy of your documents and detail received, I call to inform you that we are well satisfied with your qualifications and have decided to employ you. You are advice to read the agreement carefully, sign and send a copy of the agreement to us for official documentation. The details will be revealed to you when we send you your appointment letter which is the next stage of your recruitment process. Your designation will be disclosed in your appointment letter. You have to get all your required documents for the visa process ready. We will send you an appointment letter after you accept and sign the agreement.

Yours Sincerely,Helmut Schuster,Group Human Resources Director,BP Group Corporations.

scamwebsites. tk Domain Name: ADGECOINC. D/B/A PUBLICDOMAINREGISTRY. There is no new intel, just thought we'd have a discussion session for members, in case people still have questions, so that people can know what to do and when to do it, so you can be ready. In terms of intel, everything is still the same, with banks calling me to ask what's happening! Iraqi sources are saying it's all done, and we are all waiting. That's the best I can tell you today. Could it happen today? Sure! I don't have any information to say it can or it can't happen today. Good to see you on. I am in the wonderful mystical area of Wiltshire and Somerset at present, home to Stone Henge, Avebury, Bath, Salisbury. Avon country. My son attends school in the area so this way I am not too far away should he need me, though rarely does which is as I would have it.

Even at this time of year it is so beautiful with misty meadow views and so many man made mounds of hill size in the vistas i behold where ever I go.

It is all information we already know and have, yet when it arrives in still another format sometimes that precipitates taking it to an even deeper level. ■ MultiChoice Zimbabwe's "Free February" DStv subscription a bit of a fail. After paid-up Zimbabwe DStv subscribers were promised a month's free subscription in February in a promo, MultiChoice Zimbabwe now says it's only for randomly chosen subscribers, not for everyone. .